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Deepthi Coco Coir Nursery Pots – Biodegradable Peat Pots for Seed Starter and Seedling - Mini Planter Cups for Indoor, Outdoor

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Friendly to Plants, People and the Planet, these nursery pots are made from coconut husk fiber and are all-natural. Simply plant the entire coconut fiber planter pot with the seedling. The new plant does not have to suffer any transplanting shock. The fiber walls of the coir grow pot are permeable. Once the grow pot, with the seedling in it, is planted, the root system takes hold and penetrates through the natural husk fiber material and continues to grow into the surrounding soil.

Each of these seed starter pots is made 100% from coconut coir fiber providing a natural and healthy environment for the baby plants to establish and thrive. The porous texture of the fiber material allows for proper aeration and water drainage making it a great seed starting material. These mini planter cups have high water and nutrient retention and allow for moisture to be distributed evenly.

  • NATURAL AND BIODEGRADABLE: These Coir Nursery pots are made of natural coconut fibers. The easy to use coir planting cups are great as seed starters for indoor as well as outdoor gardens.
  • NO MORE TRANSPLANTING SHOCK: Once your newly sprouted seedling is put in the soil – this planting pot and all – it takes root and flourishes without the shock of transplanting. The roots can penetrate thru the permeable wall and grow into the surrounding soil.
  • PERFECT SIZE SEED STARTERS: The Deepthi coir fiber nursery pots are available in 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch sizes which should cover all your seed starting needs. These are available in convenient 6 pack and 12 pack configurations.
  • EASY WAY TO HEALTHY PLANTS : The fine, porous texture of the coir fiber walls of these planter pots permits proper aeration and water drainage making it a great seed starting material. It is also great for retaining and distributing moisture and nutrients.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: No more wasted time and efforts in carefully transplanting seedlings from their plastic pots into the soil. You will be planting the plant and the pot together in the soil for a much improved success rate.

Country of Origin: India

    Customer Reviews

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    S. Greenwood
    Right Size

    Just the size I was looking for to pot some starts of succulents that have small roots.


    I’ve used these coco coir cups several times before. These are amazing if you want to have sustainable options for seedlings. I’ve used these in my DIY aeroponic towers in substitute for the plastic cups. Amazing !