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Coco Coir Liner for Hanging Planter Baskets - Pack of 3 Refill / Replacement Liners

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Our coir liner for flower basket is made from 100 percent natural coconut fiber.  The coco liner keeps plant moisture, promotes air circulation, and reduces watering by 50 percent. These durable liners are well made and sturdy and strong enough to hold the soil of your plant. 

  • REPLACEABLE COCO LINER: Extra thick replacement coir liner made of coconut fiber for your metal hanging basket or flower pots. 3 piece set of high quality.
  • RIGHT SIZE & SHAPE: These coconut liners are already formed in correct circular shape and can be directly placed in your hanging basket as long as you choose the right size. They are easier to form if soaked in water prior to use.
  • 100% NATURAL : Made 100% of natural coconut fiber, these liners help retain moisture and nutrition by reducing water loss. Your plants stay healthy and grow vigorously.
  • FOR MANY TYPES OF PLANTS: The coco basket liner is very safe for the plants. It can be used with many types of plants – flowers, vegetables and ornamentals. They are particularly suited for hanging baskets.
  • POPULAR CHOICE: These coco coir liners can be used in a variety of ways – in home porches with metal hanging baskets, planter trays on window sills, as part of a decoration for special occasions etc.,