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About Us

Green Garden Solutions is brought to you by Deepthi Organics LLC, located in Greensboro, NC, USA.

We are indeed experts in all things Coconut and Neem! We are intimately familiar with the Coconut and Neem producing regions of Southern India and we work directly with the farms for our products. This has helped us bring to the US consumers completely natural Coconut and Neem based products for wide range of applications in gardening and plant care.

Particulary, we present in this website the Deepthi brand Coco Coir Growing Medium Blocks, Coir Nursery Planter Pots, Coir Mulch Mats, Coir Liners for Flower Baskets, Hanging Flower Basket Assembly, Moss Monstera Poles etc., as well as Deepthi Brand Cold Pressed Neem Oil.

All our products are typically in Ready Stock and usually ship the same day or next day.

As a business, we also have high quality Coconut oil products for the food and cosmetic industry as well as in-house developed products for industrial applications and for pet care made from Coconut Husk. Please visit our websites, and to learn more about thise products.