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Green Garden Solutions is brought to you by Deepthi Organics LLC, located in Greensboro, NC.

We are indeed experts in all things Coconut and Neem!  We are intimately familiar with the Coconut and Neem producing regions of Southern India and we work directly with the farms for our products. This has helped us bring to the US consumers completely natural Coconut and Neem based products for wide range of applications in gardening and plant care.

Particulary, we present in this website the Deepthi brand Coco Coir Growing Medium Blocks, Coir Nursery Planter Pots, Coir Mulch Mats, Coir Liners for Flower Baskets, Hanging Flower Basket Assembly, Moss Monstera Poles etc., as well as Deepthi Brand Cold Pressed Neem Oil.

All our products are typically in Ready Stock and usually ship the same day or next day.

Our Star Products


Cold Pressed Neem Oil

The Deepthi Cold Pressed Neem Oil is 100% Neem Oil with Nothing Added or Removed. It is safe for humans and pets when used per label instructions. And, it doesn't hurt birds, bees etc.,

Available in 1000 ml & 500 ml sizes.

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Growing Medium

Our Coco Coir Growing Medium is 100% natural and is a by-product of coconut coir manufacturing process. It is an ideal as a soil substitute or additive to grow premium, healthy plants.

Available in 10 Lb and 5 Lb Blocks.

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Nursery Planter Pots

These nursery pots are made from coconut husk fiber and are all-natural. Simply plant the entire coco coir planter pot with the seedling. The new plant does not have to suffer any transplanting shock.

Available is sizes of 3", 4" and 6" and in sets of 6 and 12.

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Hanging Basket & Liner

Extra thick coir liner made of coconut fiber comes with the powder coated metal hanging basket. Made 100% of natural coconut fiber, these liners help retain moisture and nutrition by reducing water loss.

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Coir Sheets & Mulch Mats

Made of 100% natural coconut coir fibers, our Coco Coir Mulch Mats are great as cover for indoor house plants and as tree rings in bigger sizes.
The Coir Sheet Roll can be cut in any shape and size and used as bedding liner for pet cages and anti-slip mats for snow and ice.

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Monstera Moss Pole

Crafted from high-quality coconut coir fibers, this moss pole trellis provides durable and long-lasting support for your indoor potted climbing plants. The natural and sustainable coir material ensures a healthy and eco-friendly growing environment.

Available in 3 sizes.

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Customer Testimonials

We had some bugs eating our grapes so we bought this neem oil to spray on the grapes and leaves. After just the first treatment we noticed a big difference in that there were a lot less bugs and after a week our grapes looked more healthy and the leaf looked much more healthy.

Gerry Gill

I needed something to use in my garden but being 70 years old and not in the best shape, I needed something lightweight and easy to use. This worked great . Easy to use, not too heavy for me to maneuver. My garden is thriving and looks great.

Pamela A. Brown

I’ve used these coco coir cups several times before. These are amazing if you want to have sustainable options for seedlings. I’ve used these in my DIY aeroponic towers in substitute for the plastic cups. Amazing !


Large and nice length.. i am pleased


These were very easy to cut to size and install. brilliant design because they’re breathable and you can water through them. they are saving my plants and my cats! the kittens have pretty much lost all interest in digging and playing in my houseplants. they’ve moved on to everything else..!


How to make a Spray Mix with Deepthi Neem Oil - Video

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