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Coco Coir Sheet Roll - Pack of 3 - Coco Fiber Mat Roll - for Planters, Basket Liner, Garden Bed, Mulch Mat, Pet Bedding Liner etc.,

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Available in 3 sizes (Pack of 3) : 12"x36", 18"x36" and 24"x36"

The coco coir liner roll is made of 100% natural coconut coir fibers, eco-friendly, healthy. The thick coco liner sheet mat size is packaged as a roll. You can cut it into various sizes and shapes for many different uses/ applications.

The coir fabric liner is thick and sturdy, great as a liner for house plants. For pet owners, this is a great bedding material for Rabbit/ Bunny Cage, Hamster cage as well as reptile terrarium. It is also a wonderful floor lining for habitats of pet tortoise, lizard/ gecko, snakes/ pythons, chamelon, turtles etc., This coir mat sheet can be easily cut to fit different shapes and sizes of containers. Easy to change, easy to clean, Friendly to your plant and pet.

Country of Origin: India.